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Peanut Butter Handmade in Devon


About Us


Simply delicious nut butter.

Fairly traded peanuts and a sprinkle of sea salt is all it takes.

Made from scratch and delivered by pedal power across Exeter and beyond.


A one-woman band pedalling peanut butter across Devon for the sheer love of it.

I began in 2017 as Cliptop Kitchen Co. making a small selection of handmade nut butters, learning the quirks and quibbles of the humble peanut as I went. After a year dodging traffic during the delivery rounds, and wearing out every grinding machine going, I am proud to re-launch afresh as Butter Bike Co.

You can now find my jazzy little jars at markets and events, in your local store or ordered online for home delivery.

Always one for a chat, I’m contactable at

Stay nutty.

Jeni x